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Aléa is a Finnish folk music duo formed by Aurora Visa and Annika Lyytikäinen in 2014. Their debut album Fredriksgatan was released in early 2023. Aléa’s music makes the Finnish national instrument kantele and the clarinet groove in a way you never heard before. While their musical roots reach deep into the Nordic tradition, Aléa asks modern listeners of the 2020’s for a dance. Since their start, Aléa has performed actively in the Finnish folk music scene as well as for audiences new to folk music both domestically and internationally. In Finnish the duo is also known for their Finnish podcast Huliviliflikat.

The musicians in Aléa are Aurora Visa (kantele, vocals) and Annika Lyytikäinen (clarinet, vocals). Both of them are graduates from the Folk Music program at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki.

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Fredriksgatan album cover photo

Listen to Aléa

Please have a listen to Aléa’s music below! Performing, republishing or any other than promotional or media use of the files is prohibited.

Snapshots from one of Aléa’s album release concerts in January, 2023 (Pato Klubi, Kouvola, Finland):

Press & reviews

The release of the album Fredriksgatan in early 2023 gained a lot of media attention in newspapers, radio channels and music magazines both in Finland and broad. You can find a few references below.

Finska Aléa med Aurora Visa på kantele och Annika Lyytikäinen på klarinett har släppt ett album som är en charmig och egen blandning av sprött sound och varm energi. […] När klarinetten och kantelen hittar ihop i sitt alldeles egna groove och sound uppstår magiska ögonblick som i låten Historiikki.

Finnish Aléa with Aurora Visa on kantele and Annika Lyytikäinen on clarinet have released an album that is charming and an own mix of delicate sound and warm energy. When the clarinet and the kantele find each other in their very own groove and sound, magical moments such as in the tune Historiikki emerge.

Lars Brinck in the Swedish folk music magazine Lira, February 2023

Aléa-duon debyyttilevy on kanteleen ja klarinetin vuoropuhelun ja yhteissoiton riemua. […] Aurora Visan pettämätön rytmitaju ja monipuolinen kanteleen käsittely sekä komppisoittimena että sooloissa vakuuttaa. Annika Lyytikäisen klarinetit soivat täyteläisesti ja varmasti.

Aléa’s debute album is pure joy of the dialogue between kantele and clarinet and ensemble playing. Aurora Visa’s unfailing sense of rhythm and versatile use of the kantele both in accompaniment and solo playing are convincing. Annika Lyytikäinen’s clarinets sound mellow and determinated.

Minna Raskinen in the Finnish folk music magazine Kansanmusiikki 2/2023

Radio interview on Yle before the release of the single Fredriksgatan, 2.12.2022

Kouvolan Sanomat’s personal interview with Annika Lyytikäinen on the release of Aléas album, 18.1.2023

Östnyland about the album release, 19.1.2023

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